October 2007  Issue 1.6

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Feature Article

Through the Looking Glass

Observations from a man who "fell into" the career of a lifetime

An interview with Rich McAdam, President of MC²

Quick! Raise your hand if you're in a job you never aspired to as a kid. If your hand's in the air right now, it's not surprising. For example, a career in exhibits and events isn't something many people think of when they go off to college. And it's no wonder. Few people outside the business really know what it's about. Even those who attend tradeshows on a frequent basis have no concept of what goes into pulling together an exhibit or event; they choose to believe some kind of magic makes everything appear.

But we all know working in the exhibits and events industry is stressful and satisfying, demanding but rewarding, and something you can easily get hooked on, although it might not have been something you planned to do.


Editorial Corner

Words from an Industry Leader ... Getting Needed Help ... Being Jealous of a Turtle

Hello. I'm Caroline Meyers, director of corporate communications for MC² this month's editor of eConnections.

How did you decide to get into the exhibits and events industry? Was it planned or something that just kind of happened? In this month's feature article, Rich McAdam, president of MC², talks about how he "fell" into his career and provides insights on the industry from his own experience in the trenches.

Last month, a reader asked for suggestions on how to get others to pitch in during her time away from the office. Our readers offer some great advice. This month, an event manager would like some suggestions on how to stay organized while on the road. What do you think?

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September 2007
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 What’s Your Best Advice?

Last Issue's Dilemma:

I can't seem to catch a break

Arrrgh! I just came back from vacation, and everything I asked other people to handle in my absence is still sitting on my desk -- undone. Not only am I going to spend several hours catching up, but the printer is now going to charge me an expedite fee to get my brochures done in time for our next tradeshow. I shudder to think what will happen -- or not -- next month when I take off a week for my son's wedding in Hawaii.

How do I get these people to pitch in when I need them? Use logic? Bribery? Threats?

-- Edie, Events Manager    See what other readers have to say.

This Issue's Dilemma:

Is it wrong to envy a turtle?

When I'm in the office, I have everything pretty well under control, thanks to my computer, calendars, company network, email, etc. But when I'm at a show site, I often have nothing but a loose-leaf binder and a cell phone that doesn't even work half the time because of the show's location.

How can I stay organized -- and in charge -- at show sites? What tools and techniques do other people use?

-- Carol, Exhibits Manager

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Winning support for your projects

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Jet lag and what you can do about it

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