July 2008  Issue 2.7

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Feature Article

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

10 things to do when the schedule winds down

by Rob Murphy, chief marketing officer, MC²

When I was a kid, that last bell on the last day of school was the signal that summer had begun, and I'd have 10 weeks or more of precious time. But alas, like most adults, I don't get those kinds of breaks anymore. Last year, when "the bell went off in my head," it meant I had just a short time to sail, swim, relax -- and get some work done.

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Editorial Corner

Making hay while the sun shines ... Keeping score while the game's on ... Ain't love great?

Hello. I'm Caroline Meyers, director of corporate communications for MC².

Congratulations to Francisco Velasquez, worldwide sales manager at Davis Instruments, Inc., whose real-life horror story was chosen by our readers as the best (or worst, depending on your perspective) of the lot in last month's feature article.

In this month's feature article, Rob Murphy, chief marketing officer for MC², talks about summer, that time of year that's great for recharging your body and soul -- and revamping how you work. It's a kind of "how to succeed in business and have fun too" article.

Do you need technology to improve how you do at an event? Our readers weigh in on the question and provide valuable advice. Love, love, love. It's great in theory, but what about at work? A reader would like to hear your thoughts on what -- if anything -- to do about two young lovers on her staff.

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Green Tips

Green Tips
Save Flights and Dollars

Consider having your national sales meeting concurrent with your largest trade show. As long as your sales people are at your largest show, why not eliminate the need for flights they would have to take to get to another meeting?

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City Spotlight

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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 What’s Your Best Advice?
Last Issue's Dilemma

Last Issue's Dilemma:

How do I keep score while the "game" is still going on?

I always tally up how my company's done at an event after it's over, mostly based on the number of visitors and generated sales leads. But I think we could improve our results if I could get input during the event. That way, I could target presentations or make alterations to our exhibit -- according to attendee feedback.

Is the old pencil and paper route OK for this? Or is there some kind of technology I can use to get the information on the fly?

-- Zoe, Events Manager       See what our readers have to say.

This Issue's Dilemma

This Issue's Dilemma:

We all know how Romeo and Juliet ended

I have five people on my staff, and thankfully, they all get along. Unfortunately, it appears that two of them are getting along better than the others. I've heard they're romantically involved, and I've seen a few signs of this myself.

I'm not against romance, but I wonder what will happen if they break up. Should I speak to the two of them, refer the matter to HR or close my eyes and just hope for the best? -- Marie, Exhibits Manager

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 Events & Meetings

The Exhibit Design Award Winners

What will they think of next?

by Linda Armstrong - EXHIBITOR

Sponsoring an Event Reception?

Here's the perfect recipe

by Anna Huddleston - Exhibit City News

 Your Career

Using Positive Language

Getting better results by communicating more effectively

by Robert Bacal - work911.com

Are You the Irritating One at Work?

10 surefire ways to tick off your coworkers

by Kate Lorenz - CareerBuilder

 Get More Done

Declutter Your Life Proactively

Five new habits anyone can adopt

by Christine D. Hegstad, PhD - Life Organizers

Put a Little Play Back in Your Day

Dodgeball optional

from California Job Journal

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