June 2007 - Issue 1.2

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Feature Article

How to Use Your "Bean" During the Design Process

Taking your exhibit from "McDonald's" to "Starbucks"

eConnections' speaks with Brian Baker, Design Director, MC²

On the run to work in the morning, you've got options if you want some coffee. You can pick up a cup ("Large, cream, two sugars.") at McDonald's, or you can stop at Starbucks and get a café grande latte. Since both drinks are based on the same coffee bean, what's the difference? Staging, presentation and perception.

The cuppa joe does the job, but there's no personality. It's strictly utilitarian. But the café latte delivers the coffee bean with a dash of attitude, a dollop of panache and the whole Starbucks experience -- service, atmosphere, aroma, comfy couches .... Your cup of coffee becomes an experience.


Editorial Corner

Coffee Thinking ... Dogs and Masters ... 4-1-1

Hello. I'm Caroline Meyers, MC² Director, Corporate Communications of MC² and this month's editor of eConnections.

As all exhibit and event professionals know, having the right exhibit is crucial to your company's success at every event you attend. But what elements should you include in your exhibit? How do you figure out the space you'll need at the event? And how do you find the right people to help you create an exhibit that will wow attendees?

In this month's feature article, Brian Baker, MC²'s award winning design director, provides valuable insights into the creative process and how to make the most of your exhibit, budget and event.

A new event manager in last month's issue asked for advice on how to tackle her job. See what our readers have to say. This month, a reader wants to know how to get anything done when people from multiple departments pull her in different directions, according to their own agendas. What do you think?

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 What’s Your Best Advice?

This Issue's Dilemma:

Even my dog has just one master

Help! I have so many people "tugging on my leash," my neck hurts. I work at a company with five divisions, and each time we start planning to attend another tradeshow, the demands come flying at me from all corners.

Upper management wants to promote our company branding initiative. Product managers from each division scream for me to push their latest and greatest. Sales and marketing want our new ad campaign to take the fore. And they all disagree over how many people they should be able to send to the show to work in the exhibit.

The problem lies within the fact that I am responsible for making the show happen but hold no authority over many of the people I need to get in line. Should I step back, and let them fight amongst themselves? Call a meeting? Come up with what I think is a fair solution, and ask them to sign off on it? Or what?

How do other people manage to get things done when they have to please so many "masters?"

-- Sara, Event Coordinator

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Last Issue's Dilemma:

What's the 4-1-1 on exhibiting?

The president of my company decided we need to start making more of a presence at trade shows to broaden our client base and find new prospects to buy our products. Guess who was picked to be the brand-new event manager? Me!

Of course, I was honored to be selected and excited by the challenge, but I've never done anything more with an event than helping out when needed. With no real training I am already in the process of choosing vendors, ordering services and making big commitments. I feel very exposed and sometimes confused by the options before me.

So, I would like ask your readers who may have been down this road, "What are a few things you wish someone whispered in your ear when you started out as an event manager?"

-- Susan K., Event Manager

Read the best advice from your peers.

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